Thursday, July 14, 2011


I haven't forgotten about you, blog world. I've just been extremely busy with Seminary, and I have not really recoded anything else to add here yet. I am planning to in the future, though. Send me questions, maybe I can answer those in a post! :D



  1. What if I can't feel him even though I've accepted him and I talk to him and read his word on a regular basis? Do I just not believe enough?

  2. Just because you can't feel him doesn't mean he isn't there. It also doesn't mean you don't have enough faith. Sometimes God feels distant, other times closer than your heartbeat. It isn't about our faith, or lack thereof. I've gone through periods of several years where I haven't felt God at all. Yet I knew he was still there. That is where faith comes in. Christianity isn't based on a feeling, but on the truth of the Gospel. Feelings come and go, but the Gospel stays true forever. Don't lose hope!